Terms & Conditions

Last Modification: September 29, 2018

HeadArrow Store is a store that offers its own products, all products are property of HeadArrow Store, from this point onwards as “HeadArrow”, “Store” or “Shop”.
All users who browse our store is aware of our terms and conditions and the use of them.



All products are accepted manually, they are reviewed in search of “backdoors”, or some kind of virus or malicious intent, is checked the same functionality and is then published for sale, these products may experience failures in the future However the creator is obliged to fix them whenever possible.

The creators do not have access to the ability to accept or delete your product under any circumstances.

If a content creator committed violations by rights of copyright, depending on the severity can be suspended his account, the product will not be removed if you have customers, however it will be added out of stock so no one else can buy it.

Anyone who browse through our network and is the creator of one of the products, must report it immediately.

If any of the creators make offences punishable in any nation State must be reported in the next email. legal@headarrow.com

If a content creator refuses to give support to their customers this will be banned from HeadArrow and your product will no longer be able to buy.



Seller will get always for every sale your 100% money without specifying which detract from paypal.

on multi-creators HeadArrow enabled the transfer of money the first content creator, is to that person who sent your product to be reviewed, HeadArrow is not responsible for other internal transactions that have between creators.

To transfer products to other users, please visit Knowledge base

Content Curators:

Content curators are our network administrators, they will be responsible at all times maintain order and review the products once are sent.

If you have a problem with any content curator, please contact us at the following email: report@headarrow.com



HeadArrow is not responsible for fraud or problems with copyrights, in any case, we will make disappear its legitimate content by placing out of stock and punishing the person who published it, for any kind of disturbances contact with us the following email: copyright@headarrow.com


HeadArrow Store, refunds are not accepted, are items that can be enjoyed at the time of acquiring them and not they may be returned without the security that the client made copies.




HeadArrow offers support to all customers, in case of not offering a solution will contact the creators of content to make changes.

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