Knowledge Base

1- Go to Billing

Choose Payment Method: PayPal Payout

Paypal Email: Your Paypal email

1- Go to Creator Dashboard

2- Open Product Manager tab

3- Go to add product

4- Complete params


Tick virtual

Tick Downloadble


Your product title



Normal price


Sale Price

Discount price


Short description

[Important] Put here collaborators name and link forum (your information not is necesary). [This information will be removed from short description]

Put a simple short description of your product



Put your extended description, with documentation,Install,guides,etc


Downloadble Options

Files: put your product in a .zip (just one file)

Name: Your product name [version] (Important)


Featured Image

Banner Image (900×415 recommended)


Gallery Images

Put your product images



Put your product categories



Your product tags

1- Go to All Products

2- Go to your product

3- Press Edit product

4- Make the next params



Complete if you have new information or better information


Put your new changelog on short description top (this is removed when is published)


Downloadble options

Create new file (button +)

Add new update for review.

if you want transfer your products to other user, contact with us on community – support.

You can’t delete products, just can leave or finish your product. (It disable the new purschases) also you can re-activate when you want, just send us a ticket support for make it.

At the moment, is disable, it maybe is enable in a future.

1- Go to Add coupon

2- Complete params



Coupon (ex: COUPON001)



For put a custom description


Coupon Amount

Put the amount of coupon (if product costs $10), for make a coupon 100% (put 10)

$10 – $10 = $0 (100% discount)

*i want make a (for example) 15% how i make?

$10 – 15% =  $1’5


Coupon expiry date

if you want expire coupon


Minimum spend

what need user spend for use this coupon


Maximum spend

what need user max spend for use this coupon


Individual use only

if tick then users just can use this coupon if go to purschase (just your product)


Exclude sale items

check if you want exclude other products with it coupon



For use in exclusives products


Exclude products

For exclude products


Product categories

For use in your product categories


Exclude categories

For exclude categories

Email restrictions

For activate this coupon to an user


Usage limit per coupon

Use limits of coupon


Limit usage to X items

The number max of uses with a individual products


Usage limit per user

limit uses for user

For it, when submit to review your product, need put the next above (in short description).

I Want give support to my customers (your email or your page) for send support

HeadArrow prepare a % OFF in Halloween,Christmas & Start Summer, for participate, just join in website, we put a notice on all website.

You decide % OFF for your product

For put a multi-creator you need know the next:

HeadArrow enable paypal account to the first creator (only) you need transfer your earnings to collaborators


For enable Multi-Creator follow the Upload a product (short description).

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